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Daniel Rejman

Lawyer and IP mediator

Daniel Rejman graduated from the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague (1995). He gained his legal practice at law firm Sodomka & Souček, Prague. After passing the bar exams he became a member of the Czech Bar Association (CBA) and has been providing legal services as an advocate since 1999. He first worked as a cooperating attorney at law firm Císař, Češka, Smutný a spol., Prague, and in 2002 he established his own law firm providing legal services to domestic and foreign clients, business and non-business entities and legal entities and individuals. He deals mainly with commercial and corporate law, real estate, investments and acquisitions, management consulting, contract agency, judicial and out-of-court dispute resolution. He deepens his knowledge at professional seminars and legal conferences (e.g. Trademarks - Industrial Property Office, Arbitration - The Chartered Institute of Arbitration London in cooperation with the Czech Bar Association, Joint-venture - International Union of Lawyers, Law Firm Management - AIJA).


In 2011, he successfully completed a European pilot grant project organised by the CBA in co-operation with the Brussels Bar Association and focused on the implementation of mediation in the Czech legal environment. He further deepened his knowledge in the field of mediation as an alternative way of dispute resolution in a follow-up seminar on Commercial Mediation organized by the CBA again in co-operation with the Brussels Bar Association. He expanded his knowledge of intellectual property issues thanks to a course in the form of a specialisation study for mediators from the ranks of lawyers organised by the Industrial Property Office in co-operation with the IP Mediation Centre Prague, a registered institute. He also attended the Franchising Course for IP Mediators organized by the Czech Franchising Association. As a member of the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) section of the CBA, he serves on the examination panels for mediation examinations organized by the Ministry of Justice and the CBA. He speaks English.



"Why litigate with an uncertain result and rely on others when you can directly influence the matter and make a decision based on your needs and options that you know best."


In my experience, the best decisions are usually the ones you can come to on your own. Sometimes, however, the only way to reach that decision is with the help of an experienced mediator who is able to show the matter from a different perspective and in a different light. Therefore, do not rely too much on the decisions of others. Such decisions often do not address your real needs and interests and may not even be workable.


It is safer and more secure to seek a solution by means of mediation, where the mediator does not decide, as a judge or arbitrator does, for the parties in the dispute, but "only" helps the parties with own  knowledge, experience and, last but not least, attentive perception of their individual case and mediation skills tested by various practices, to actively bring the parties themselves to a resolution of their disputes and conflicts.


The smart ones do not argue and judge unnecessarily, but resolve their disputes effectively in mediation, through an agreement based on the principles of reason, decency, detachment and respect not only for others but also for themselves.


I would be honoured to assist you on your journey to reach a mediation agreement and guide you through the mediation process as a workable and proven alternative capable of resolving your business or IP dispute.


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