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Martina Kotyková

Chairwoman of the Board of the IP Mediation Centre

Martina Kotyková graduated from the Czech Technical University, majoring in Energy Economics (1995). In 2010 she graduated from the Institute of Industrial Law Education. She furthered her education in 2018 by stydying at the Metropolitan University of Prague in the field of International and Regional Relations in Industrial Property, where she obtained a doctorate. In her scientific work, she focused on the legal protection of graphical user interfaces. Her research-related publication on the subject has enriched the US Congress book-fund. She also regularly publishes and lectures on different topics regarding industrial property protection. Since 2007 she has been working in the administration concerning industrial property. Her work covers the appropriate matters of the Czech Technical University, the Government Office and Industrial Property Office, where she now takes the position of the Head of innovation Support Department. Martina Kotyková is the author of The IP Strategy document „The Approach to Promote Industrial Property Rights“  which was approved by the Government of the Czech Republic. The issue of supporting the protection of industrial property in science and research, in industry and in education was also dealt with in the Government Office. Martina Kotyková is also the chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of IP Mediation Centre Prague. Activities:

Member of the Board of the President of the Industrial Property Office, Member of the Editorial Board of Industrial Property Journal, Chairwomen of the Board of Trustees of IP Mediation Centre, Member of the EUIPO ADR-SAB (ADR – Stakeholders Advisory Board), 

Representative of the Czech Republic in ADR working group of the ECP6 Cooperation Programme,

Representative of CZ in the EUIPO working groups for the promotion of IP in small and medium-sized enterprises (ECP6), Representative of IPO CZ in inter-ministerial working groups.

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