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Services for mediators

Mediation of expertise from WIPO, EUIPO and IPO in the field of mediation

Cooperation with mediators

The Institute provides those interested in the activities of a mediator with expertise in the field of intellectual property protection and trains them in the field of intellectual property in cooperation with WIPO, EPO, EUIPO and IPO, and organizationally and technically supports mediation in the field of intellectual property protection through trained mediators.

For this purpose, the institute cooperates with the Czech Bar Association and the Chamber of Patent Attorneys of the Czech Republic and other entities. He trains registered mediators and those interested in this activity.


The Institute maintains a list of IP mediators and prepares IP specialists for examinations of registered mediators pursuant to Act No. 202/2012 Coll., On Mediation.

Entry in the list of IP mediators

Upon meeting the conditions specified in the ADR Rules of the IP Mediation Center Prague, a registered institute (Rule 12), each interested party has the opportunity to be registered on the list of IP mediators maintained by the IP Mediation Center Prague, a registered institute.  

The advantage of enrolling for the list of IP mediators is access to mediation cases requested at the IP Mediation Center in Prague, a registered institute, for training in the field of industrial property.  organized by the Industrial Property Office, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the IP Mediation Agency  center of Prague, registered institute, as well as access to education in  areas of mediation in the above entities.

Basic documents of the IP mediator:

Framework agreement on mediation of IP mediation

Great pitchfork ADR IP Mediation Center Prague

IP Mediator Code of Ethics

Model contract for IP mediation



We would like to draw the attention of lawyers - registered and unregistered mediators - to the opinion of the ADR ČAK section of 23 September 2021, which responds to the increasing breach of confidentiality:

1.  The activity of a registered and unregistered mediator is a so-called other activity of a lawyer within the meaning of Section 56 (2) of the Advocacy Act .

2. Lawyer - registered and unregistered mediator must therefore comply with the obligation  confidentiality,  the legitimate interests of clients in mediation take precedence over the lawyer's own interests.

3. Compliance with the duty of confidentiality is supervised by the Chamber, lawyers - registered i  unregistered  mediators fall  under her disciplinary authority.

JUDr. Martina Doležalová, Ph.D., Head of the ADR ČAK Section, Advocacy Bulletin No. 10/2021, p. 11

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